Bootleg/Art Swipes

If you are selling artwork make sure it's yours. Art sales need to stay in the Artist Alley. Using other artist's work, running it through an app and claiming ownership doesn't work with ITCE. Every artist that applies is researched. If we see it you will be banned from attending all future ITCE Production events. We don't do business with thieves. Period. Bringing a wall of movie posters you copy and pasted and then printed off Google and stuck in a toploader doesn't work either.  


ITCE Anti-Harassment / Bullying Policy

ITCE has a policy of zero tolerance of harassment of any kind.

This includes, but not limited to: stalking, intimidation, offensive verbal comments, physical assault/battery, harassing or non-consensual photography or recording, inappropriate physical contact and unwelcome physical attention.

This covers everyone on the property during set-up the night before and continues to closing the show down the next evening. ITCE Staff, vendors, press, special guests and artist are all included as well as attendees.  

 Act respectable.

In the event a situation does arise please contact one of our staff members (look for the red ITCE Staff shirts) immediately. We will deal with the problem. If you are found to be breaking our zero tolerance policy you will be asked to leave the property. No refunds will be given. This can include admission up to table/booth rental.

We reserve the right to call the police to help our staff remove someone from the grounds.

Basically this all boils down to not being a jerk. 

We all want to have fun. 

Don’t ruin someone’s day.  


No Retail Sales Unless Exhibit Space Has Been Purchased

No sales are allowed anywhere in ITCE unless you purchased a vendor table. This includes the Vendor area, Artist Alley, common areas such as the lobby/Family Fun area, program room, and outside venues, and any venue featuring official ITCE events. Retail sales are strictly limited to the exhibitors in the Vendor area, Artist Alley and the Family Fun area. In addition, there is no solicitation of tips, fees, or donations for any reason unless you are a vendor, sponsor or charity ITCE is working with.

Vendors paid for the right to sell to attendees. The guy in the parking lot didn’t. If we catch you, you will be asked to leave the property.


No Handouts No Soliciting

Handing out of anything—including flyers, stickers, business cards, or any promotional item—is not allowed in any area inside or outside the Monroe County/Bloomington Convention Center except by vendors and individuals that have been approved by ITCE.

We have a community freebie table by admissions. Feel free to use it.


Load-In and Load-Out Times

Load-in times begin at 7:00 pm Saturday night and will last until 10:00 pm. Load-in will begin again Sunday morning at 6:00 am. Please give yourself enough time to be set up and ready to greet our attendees when the doors open at 9:00 am. Last year we were able to begin unloading prior to 7:00pm. There is an event happening Saturday that is not scheduled to be out until 6:00pm. The convention center is aware that we would like to begin unloading as early as possible and will be working hard to make that happen. However, we cannot guarantee access prior to 7:00 pm. Earlier may be possible, but if you choose to arrive early be prepared for the possibility that you may have to wait until 7:00 pm.

There are two areas where you can unload.  The ramp will be available to back in and offload in the loading zone at the top of the ramp; additionally, underneath the loading ramp is a freight elevator which will also be available. The convention center does have a few flatbed carts for your use. This should help speed up the unloading process significantly. 


Vendor Badges and WiFi Access

Anyone on the convention floor prior to the opening of the doors at 9:00 am Sunday morning will be required to wear a vendor badge. Anyone on the convention floor without a badge will be asked to leave. There have been issues and concerns in previous years about people sneaking in posing as vendors and vendors assistants to try and get some early buying done. This policy will hopefully eliminate this issue. 

WiFi password for the free WiFi will be provided upon arrival, as well as your vendor badges. Please keep these items secure.