The ITCE2019 Custom Figure contest is Sponsored by:

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1. There is 4 categories to enter into.

A. 5 inch and under AKA” Classics” (Gi Joe, Star Wars, Walking Dead, TMNT etc.)

B. 6 inch to 8 inch AKA “Modern”(Marvel Legends, DCUC, Select, MotUC, etc.)

C. 10 inch and above AKA “Jumbo”(Playarts Kai, Hot Toys, SideShow, etc)

D. Vinyl (Dunny, Labbit, Munny, Funko Pop, Qee, etc.)

2. The figure you submit must be created by you!. (Please, don’t bring in a piece you had commissioned and try to pass it off as your own.)

3. Figure must be entered into the correct category. This is YOUR responsibility. ITCE staff and Judges will be on hand to help with any questions during registration before the contest begins. Please be prepared to fill out your entry form completely with the base figure (if needed) used, paints, accessories, etc.

4. SCALE! Figures will be categorized by scale. Example: A TaunTaun from the Star Wars 6 inch Black Line would fall in the Modern Category. A Vintage TaunTaun would be in Classics.

5. You may enter all 4 categories with up to 3 figures in each one.

6. Judges will be looking at craftsmanship, originality and attention to detail.

7. One winner will be chosen per each category my our Judges.

8. ITCE Staff and Judges are not permitted to enter the contest.