Contestants must be present to win.

 ♦ Contestants will be lined-up in their respected divisions by the stage. Remember Heroes and Villains are NOT to engage in battle at this time. The contest grounds are considered Neutral Territory under the Unseelie Accords. Feel free to make nasty faces at one another, but any act of open warfare will not be permitted.

Laws of the Land (A.K.A. Rules and Guidelines):

1. Less is NOT more. This is a family friendly show and costumes need to reflect that. Cover your bits and bobs and please design your costume with some structural integrity so we avoid potentially upsetting wardrobe malfunctions. The minimum coverage area should be in line with relatively modest swimwear. If you are worried that your costume may not be suitable, it is better to err on the side of caution. ITCE staff has the final say in whether or not your costume is acceptable. Feel free to seek them out if you need confirmation prior to contest time. Remember that costumes must be appropriate throughout the entire show and not just during the contest. Guests found in unacceptable attire will be asked to change or leave the property.

2. Arms and Armaments. It should go without saying, but then lawyers would be out of a job if it was, No real weapons are allowed on the premises! This means you should leave all guns, knives, swords, throwing stars, incendiary devices, vats of acid, mutated motorized metallic minions mind-controlled to gnaw the ankles of your foes, etc. at home or boarded at an appropriate henchmen daycare service. This also means no costumes should incorporate “dangerous” elements such as fireworks, confetti/ glitter/ or any particulate blasters, flash paper ignition, or any other expansive and/or mess inducing elements. Keep your costume to yourself. In this case, sharing does not equal caring. 

3. Mindful of your surroundings you must be. Costumes should be maneuverable enough for contestants to move about freely throughout the premises. Keep in mind that there are stairs, relatively narrow aisles, and other potentially tricky navigational obstacles. If you need a handler/ assistant, please make sure you indicate that on the sign up form below along with that person’s name. The safety of all of our guests is our primary goal. Also, your costume will draw a ton of attention. This is a great thing. However, please be mindful of the world around you as people flock to snap selfies with you. Try not to block our wonderful vendors’ tables from potential customers while you attend to your adoring fans.